Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Daily Reads

Finding websites with decent amounts of new information can sometimes be a very hard thing. I have often found myself in search of someplace new to feed my hunger for more information about technology, movies, cars, etc. Here is a short collection of some of the websites I find myself visiting the most often:

For technology based news, Gizmodo is defiantly my first stop. They have a team of bloggers that seem to do a reasonable job of covering multiple devices without taking any side. (Most of the time) If you have technophilia, Gizmodo is for you.

io9 is a great website to get a decent mix of sci-fi, space, and movie news. The articles are quite will written and entertaining. io9 also knows what I want when it comes to this type of blog, and that's lots of pictures. The amount of visuals they have really set it apart from other websites.

As a gamer, Kotaku is probably my favorite site to go to. They cover everything under the sun and seem to have the best collection of current articles. It seems like during the normal work week, they have at least one new article every hour but it's usually much more frequent.

News-A-Rama's name has always been a little misleading to me considering that they don't cover what many people would call the News. What they do cover is things like comic books, movies, and and occasional video game. The best part about News-A-Rama has to be the fact that on many comic books, you can get a sneak peak at it without walking into a comic book shop.
I only listed 4 of my favorite sites because I figure that you'd really like to get to looking over those sites anyway. For those who are interested in some of my other favorite daily haunts, you should checkout The Consumerist.com, LifeHacker.com, and Space.com

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